Association of Data Protection Companies

Bringing professionals together.

Setting standards.

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The Association of Data Protection Companies

groups business people who provide personal data protection services.

Our mission:

  • to set and promote top standards of providing services related to data protection,
  • to devise and disseminate ethical principles in the business activity sector, placing utmost emphasis on the business people who deal with data protection,
  • to have a major impact on the growth of the market of data protection,
  • to have a say in all matters of legal regulations that pertain to the activities of the Association and/or its staff.

In order to provide their data protection services at the highest possible level, all the affiliated entities have to abide by the obligations set out in the Statute, and to apply the best practices included in the Code of Ethics. The legal basis of the Association of Data Protection Companies is the Employers’ Organisations Act of 23 May 1991.

The Association is a self-governing body that operates on a voluntary basis and is independent in its statutory activity from the state authorities and other organisations. The Association has been established for an unspecified term. It has a separate legal personality and may conduct commercial activity.