General Meeting of Members

It is the supreme body of the Association, authorised, among others, to devise and set the general development guidelines of the Association, elect its members and the members of its Audit Committee, and adopt resolutions on joining other domestic and/or foreign associations.


The Board has a number of competences, which include managing and supervising the activities of the Association, representing it externally, and executing the resolutions passed by the General Meeting of Members.

Members of the Board of the Association of Data Protection Companies
  • Przemysław Zegarek - President of the Board - Lex Artist Przemysław Zegarek
  • Tomasz Osiej - Deputy President of the Board - OMNI MODO sp. z o. o., Warsaw
  • Michał Sztąberek - Deputy President of the Board - iSecure sp. z o. o.
Audit Committee

The Audit Committee has been authorised, among others, to scrutinise the ongoing activity of the Association, and to assess the activities of the Board.

Members of the Audit Committee of the Association of Data Protection Companies
  • Magdalena Chmielewska - ODO Management Group sp. z o.o., Warsaw
  • Tomasz Gwara - Discretia sp. z o.o., Warsaw
  • Dariusz Kasjaniuk - JDS Consulting sp. z o.o. sp.k., Warsaw

For more information on how the bodies are appointed, and their competences, please consult the Statute of our Association.

Pobierz plik Statute of the Association of Data Protection Companies (pdf)